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Wall Height

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You can choose from full height frames,Full height frames with infill panel, 600mm dwarf wall, or enter your own custom wall height the drawing will always show a dwarf wall conservatory style but the wall height you’ve chosen for your quote is shown below it. Please contact us if you want different wall heights on each side of your conservatory

Full height glass frames allows maximum light to enter and your base costs are minimised electric sockets must be placed on the floor pic of full height wall.

Full height frames with an infill panel 600mm high electric sockets must be floor mounted.

600mm dwarf wall as shown in picture this wall height allows you to mount radiators, air conditioning units and electric sockets on the wall pic of wall height.

Custom wall height specify your own height any height from 200mm upwards picture shows 300mm high.

No wall full height glass  £0.00
Full height with infill panel  £0.00
Dwarf wall to 600mm  £0.00
OR Dwarf wall custom height to  £0.00
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